Firmware build #114

This build is the greatest improvement of the Motolyser so far. We also decided to make the release version more clear to the users and start naming our releases after the build number.

We have introduced the new magnet symmetry measurement as well as the possibility of running the motor using the end-bell timing.

Release Notes:

  • Quick test introduced, motor running for 2 seconds and then presenting the result
  • Introduced Current Test, to verify current consumption when running with end-bell timing
  • Introduced the “Magnet Symmetry” measurement -> Good magnet read low values (0-5)
  • Enables the possibility to enter upgrade mode from the main menu
  • Reduced current measurement noise
  • Improved startup sequence


We are continuously improving the Motolyser and are most interested in your ideas. Please express your experience on this update by making a comment on this post.

Thank you for the support!
/Motolyser Team

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