• Read out the timing advance of your motor endbel
  • Identify the sensor alignmet for each of the three Hall Sesor element
  • Read out the RMS current for each motor phase
  • View the Hall Sensor status in display in real-time

The measurements are presented in a 128x32 pixel graphical LED-backlit LCD display while you control the motor speed using a touch wheel panel


The Motolyser is a precision tool that is designed to get a complete overview of your motor performance. It is able to measure the K/V , RPM, and current draw like most motor testers.

The Motolyser is not like other motor testers, you are also able to measure sensor accuracy. This is especially important in Blinky Mode racing, where the speed controller directly rely on the sensor signals from the motor. The commutation accuracy is 100% related to the sensor alignment.

The accuracy and alignment of the sensor is crucial for motor performance. By getting this right the motor can be tuned with maximum timing advanced, without overheating. The Motolyser can be used to tune every motor to perfection.


  • Input voltage: 3.4V - 8.6V
  • 128x32 pixel graphical LCD display
  • Touch panel control
  • Dimension: 25mm X 73mm X 117mm
  • Support Sensored Brushless motors


  • Endbell Sensor Test
  • Average Sensor Advance angle
  • Advance for each Hall-sensor
  • RPM/KV measurement
  • Average Current measurement
  • RMS current in each motor phase