Where can I get this tool?
Please check out our distributors.

Can I update the Motolyser features after I purchase it:
Yes, you can. The Motolyser embed an USB port that is used for feature upgrade.

My motor speed limits to 15000 RPM:
The motor rotational speed is limited in order not to ruin your motor when testing in continous mode. To freewheel the motor at high speed for longer time can permanently damage your motor. Also, it does not provide more information about the performance. If you want to know the peak RPM, multiply the K/V value with the supply voltage and you will get the peak RPM.

Timing setting on the end-bell have no impact on motor RPM
The Motolyser does not take into account the endbell timing value. In order to make it easier to compare between brands and setups the system run all motors under the same working conditions.

The Motolyser does not show the same K/V value as the manufacturer claims
The K/V value is dependent of many things related to the conditions under which the motor is running. Factors such as timing advance, stength of magnetic field and friction all play an important role in the resulting K/V.

I want to test a hot modified motor and I get an overcurrent error:
If you are using 2-cell, try using a single 1-cell battery, this will reduce startup current and possibly eliminate your problem.

Is it possible to read data from the Motolyser to analyse in my PC:
This is a feature we are working on. All hardware is in place for doing this.